COVID-19: 45,000 Copper Face Mask Donation Project

COVID-19: 45,000 Copper Face Mask Donation Project

During the challenging times of the pandemic, we took the lead in March 2020 by spearheading a remarkable initiative. We proudly donated 45,000 uniquely engineered copper face masks, each adorned with our patented 88% copper technology. This extraordinary undertaking was driven by our unwavering commitment to supporting frontline workers and seniors across Asia and North America.

Our donation of 45,000 uniquely engineered copper face masks served as a beacon of hope for frontline workers, who courageously put their lives on the line to protect our communities. The remarkable properties of copper, combined with our cutting-edge technology, provided them with an extra layer of defense and peace of mind as they battled the relentless spread of the virus.

Moreover, our dedication extended to the vulnerable senior population, who faced immense challenges and uncertainties during this unprecedented time. By donating our copper face masks, we aimed to offer them a renewed sense of security and protection, reminding them that they were not alone in their fight against COVID-19.

 It not only provided tangible support but also inspired a sense of unity and resilience within communities across Asia and North America. Through our engagement, we demonstrated our unwavering commitment to stand alongside the people offering assistance and instilling hope in the face of adversity.

We invite you to join us on this inspiring journey of support, compassion, and community. Together, let's celebrate the indomitable human spirit and the importance of recognizing the value in every individual, regardless of their circumstances. Experience the true essence of Copper88 as we continue to uplift communities, and create a world where everyone feels seen, supported, and empowered.

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